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Best Mortgage Rates in Canada

As a Calgary Mortgage Broker, we have access to many of the Best Mortgage Rates in Canada. Whether you are looking to:

  • purchase your first home
  • purchase your next home
  • finance an investment property or second residence
Speak with a member of our team.

A home purchase is often the single largest investment we make. We must ensure that we are getting the best Canadian mortgage available!

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Ask these 3 Questions to find the Best Mortgage For You?

  1. How long do I plan to live in this home?
    • This is probably the most important question. If you plan buy this home to fix up and then sell, then you need to arrange a mortgage that doesn't have any penalties when you sell. A short term, or open mortgage or Line of Credit might be the best mortgage choice.
  2. Do I plan to make any improvements to this home?
    • Often a lender will help you to finance the improvements in the mortgage, under certain circumstances. This way, you can make the improvements sooner & potentially save money on high ratio insurance premiums
  3. What is my risk tolerance?
    • Yes, perhaps more of an investment question, but a mortgage is probably your biggest obligation. If you are comfortable with an investment going up and down, then you might be comfortable with a variable rate mortggae. If you are not comfortable with your investments going up and down, then you should probably choose a fixed rate mortgage.

There are many great and different mortgage offers available. To know which is best, ask the above questions and then discuss with a professional. A mortgage broker can help you to explore the different mortgages, options and choices that you have so that you can make an informed decision.

4 reasons to work with a Calgary Mortgage Broker:

  1. Save You Time (learn more below...)
  2. Save You Money (learn more below...)
  3. Provide Unbiased Advice (learn more below...)
  4. Pre-Negotiate Interest Rates (learn more...)

Perhaps you've heard the Urban Myths about Mortgage Brokers? That they always charge fees and only deal with people who have bad credit? learn more...

1. Save Time
It takes time to make calls to local lenders and search the internet for mortgage rates, information about the types of mortgages, options and choices that are available.

A Mortgage Broker, works with 30 to 40 lenders every day. He is aware of all the products available. He is aware of new products coming and old products that may not be available for much longer. He can explain the differences between each lender , their requirements and various policies.

You can gather all the information you need to make an informed decision with a 1 hour consultation than by spending a couple of days calling different lenders, different branches, reading and researching different websites online.

2. Save Money
When we think about saving money, we think about the lowest rate! And, YES, a Mortgage Broker can help you to find the lowest rate.

BUT! Sometimes, the lowest rate isn't always the best rate! Understanding the terms associated with this lowest rate. Your ability to refinance the mortgage, or pay it out early or pay it off faster is just as important or more important!

A Calgary Mortgage Broker will not only help you to find the best mortgage rate, but will also help you to find the best mortgage with the best mortgage rate that fits your needs!

3. Unbiased Advice
An independent advisor has access to over 30 lenders and even more products. With this many products available, there is a much better chance of finding the right fit for a clients needs.

When a client approaches a bank, the bank will try to fit and squeeze the products they have to the needs of the clients. When a client approaches a Mortgage Broker, the Broker can completely understand his client's needs and find the product that best matches these needs.

For a Broker, the compensation for the different products is very similar, therefore this is little monetary benefit for recommending one product over another. In fact, there is more reward for recommending the product that is just right. This will create a happy client who could provide many referrals of friends, colleagues and relatives into the future.

4. Negotiate Interest Rates
When a client approaches a lender for a mortgage negotiates an interest rate, the lender will base their decision on the client's current business dealings (that is, how much money do they have at the bank, how profitable is this client now) and potential future business (how much more profitable can this client be to the lender in the future).

When a mortgage broker approaches a lender on behalf of the client, the lender knows that he is competing with other lenders and will want to offer the best rate or risk losing this client's and the mortgage broker's business.

In addition to this, the lender will also rate the mortgage broker based on the amount of business that he provides to the lender. Some lenders will offer additional discount's to some mortgage broker's clients because of the volume of business that the mortgage broker refers.

A client that works with a mortgage broker will therefore have more choice of the lowest rate and best mortgage to fit her specific needs.

2 Urban Myths: Calgary Mortgage Broker

Urban Myth #1
A Calgary Mortgage Broker will charge for his services. Mortgage Brokers are independent and do earn a commission for helping clients to arrange a mortgage with a lender. Most lenders will pay a commission, or "Finders Fee", to a Mortgage Broker when the mortgage is finalized and funded. When we receive a commission from a lender, then we don't charge a professional fee for our service.

If, however, the Calgary Mortgage Broker doesn't receive any compensation for helping the client arrange the financing that she needs, then there will be a small professional fee. If there is a professional fee, then it is always explained up front and is not a surprise at the end of the process!

For a no-obligation conversation with a Calgary Mortgage Broker, request a Complementary Mortgage Quote.
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  • You will receive a 60 minute, No Obligation Consultation
  • You will receive at least 2 recommendations of mortgages and lenders that fit with your needs
  • You will walk away knowing more about home financing & clearly understand your options
  • If not, you pay us nothing.

Urban Myth #2
A Calgary Mortgage Broker only deals with clients who have bad credit. Certainly, as a Mortgage Broker, we have access to many lenders who are less concerned about an applicants credit. If a Mortgage Broker can't help you to arrange a mortgage, then no one can (except perhaps the bank of "Mom & Dad"...).

The Mortgage Business has changed. More and more client's are utilizing the services of Calgary Mortgage Broker to help negotiate a better rate and to choose the right mortgage.

What is a Mortgage Broker?
A mortgage broker is an independent, trained professional who is licensed to represent you! To provide you with the best advice for your specific needs. Unlike a banker, a Calgary Mortgage Broker's primary expertise is to locate mortgage funds for his clients.

What a Mortgage Broker DOESN'T do?

  • He doesn't open and close bank accounts.
  • He doesn't open RRSP's & Investments or offer Investment & Mutual Fund Advice.
  • He doesn't have a limited supply of Mortgage products to offer his clients.

A Calgary mortgage broker will work hard to find the best mortgage for your specific needs!

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