Home Equity Loan Strategies

Let's face it, a Home Equity Loan is the largest debt with the largest monthly payment we have.

A first time home buyer, even second home purchaser, can save hundreds, probably thousands, of dollars by setting it up right from the beginning!

Home Equity Loan Strategies

We've been there. We've worked with thousands of clients and helped them save money.

We can help you too. We can help you to choose the right mortgage.

Guide you through the qualifying process. Get a great interest rate! Simply, save you money because you have chosen the mortgage that fits your needs!

We understand the tricks and tactics that the banks employ. You can too.

Best Home Equity Loan Rate

Are you looking for the best rate? Great, you can find that here.

However, sometimes the best rates have a catch. Know what these catches are before you sign on the dotted line. They could cost more than you might think.

What do I mean? Often banks will offer the best rate with different privileges. I'll get into that later, see the section called Best Home Equity Loan Rates.

Down Payment a Problem?

Home Equity Loan Strategies

I've noticed that the biggest hurdle to purchase a home for a first time home buyer is coming up with the down payment. That shouldn't be a problem, because... You can purchase with zero down. There are 100% Equity Home Loan programs available to you.

If you prefer to save some cash before you purchase, then that's OK too. We have developed 10 Strategies that you could implement right now to find your down payment.

Home Equity Loans can appear complicated but they aren't. However, many people don't take advantage of them. You can.

Keep More Cash in Your Pocket

If you read through our website, you will see strategies that will save you money. That is cold hard cash going into your pocket. Personally, I prefer to keep the cash in my pocket than give it to the bank. What about you?

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the banks. I just have a healthy wariness toward them. They make huge profits. There is nothing wrong with reducing their profits by $10, $20, $100 or $1000/month and keeping this for yourself. They would happily keep the $10, $20, $100 or even $1000/month as profit for themselves.

We have resources and information for home buyers. Information about the process of applying for and getting approved for a home equity loan. If you already have a mortgage, you can benefit from this information too.

Self Employed?

Yes, if you are self employed you can qualify for a mortgage. Does your accountant keep your taxable income low so that you don't have to pay too much in tax? They should!

You can still qualify for a mortgage, you just need a little more down. The process is quite straight forward, visit home equity loan no income to learn more.

Bruised Credit

Another hurdle for home ownership could be your credit score. With bruised credit, qualifying can be a little more difficult and the interest rates could be a little higher.

No worries. Bruised credit, battered credit, what ever, there are a few straight forward steps that you can take to improve your credit over the next 6 months to 1 year. Follow our process for poor credit home equity loan solutions and your credit score can improve dramatically.

I have seen disciplined client's improve their credit even faster than that.

So, let's get to down to business...

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